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1. Tents (a)Tents 100 sitters Kshs 4,500 (b)Tents 50 sitters Kshs 3,000 (c)Bridal Tents Kshs 3,000 (d)11” by 11” (PA/Gift Tent) Kshs 2,000 (e)Gazebo Kshs 1,500 (f)Walk Way Kshs 1,000 2. Chairs (a) Normal chairs Kshs 15 (b) Dressed Chairs Kshs 60 3. Tables (a) Normal round or rectangular table Kshs 200 (b) Dressed round or rectangular table Kshs 400 4. Decorations (negotiable)

Price: ksh 4,500

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