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Playstation OFFERS!!! Brand new PS4 slim_fat black_white 500GB Ksh 28450 , Brand new PS3 500gb Console Ksh 22500 , Refurbished PS3 320gb Console Ksh 12950 , Refurbished Playstation 2 slim (PS2) with 8gb flashdisk and 2 games free @ Ksh 7500 , Playstation 4 {PS4} wired Gamepad Ksh 1800*/1950 , Playstation 4 {PS4} Sony Wireless camouflage Dualshock 4 Gamepad Ksh 4500*/4950 , USA PSN 1 Year Playstation Plus Ksh 6000* / 6100 , * XGAMERtechnologies Shopping Points required

Price: ksh 13,800

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